Me & poodles





Eversince I was a child I was near Poodles. I have grown up at the z Koloru kennel, which takes part in the dwarf black Poodle breeding. When my mother acquired a new bitch Black El-Jingle Stromboli in 1993, I decided she is „my“ dog. I was 8 years old, it wasn´t possible for me to be a real dog owner, but I did my best I could and this dwarf girl rewarded me with a lot of love. Black El-Jingle Stromboli gave a birth to a litter of two puppies in 1996 and so another my favourite was born. Black male Jimmy Boy z Koloru has learnt me a lot.





Maybe it was a destiny, that the next poodle who caught my attention more than the others was not a dwarf, but miniature. It was Yorick z Altheyrosei, whom I had met occasionally. And so the first miniature entered our home in 1999. It was his son and my first really own poodle, Onyx Boy z Altheyrosei. There was no special reason to acquire just this dog, I have not been thinking about shows and absolutely not about my own breeding. Onyx Boy z Altheyrosei changed everything.


It wasn´t only about his primarily unexpected and still breathtaking show success, much more it was about his very personal character and Onyx Boy z Altheyrosei in himself had and still has a very special importace for me. So I began to realize that I can not allow him to be the only one of this kind and so I started to be thinking about my own kennel. Onyx Boy z Altheyrosei was predestinated to be a founding male for my future breeding, but I also had to buy a very special wife for him!


After some years of waiting and looking for such a special bitch, I was close to losing the last hope that one day I can find her. But the year 2002 brought a great chance and  with the help of friends I imported six months old and very attractive female Farday Nigromanta from Norway.




Onyx Boy z Altheyrosei together with Farday Nigromanta became 100% base for our kennel. Both of them were on our start and both of them are present in all the pedigrees of our puppies.


BIS BISS Onyx Boy z Altheyrosei


23.11.1998 – 24.07.2013

Yorick z Altheyrosei x Henessy Noire z Altheyrosei





„De Nigomanta“



Full dentition


prcd-PRA: „A“




He left us at the age of  14 years & 8 months,  my first medium poodle, #1 Poodle Of The Year 2000.


Onyx Boy z Altheyrosei belongs among the most successful European poodles. He is Interchampion, champion in 9 countries, #1 Poodle of the year all sizes and colours 2000 in our country, multi BIS Speciality and all breed show winner. At European Dog Show in Paris 2002 he became FCI European Winner including BOB title and he was also shortlisted among best 5 dogs in the Group FCI IX. at the very same show.


Onyx Boy z Altheyrosei is also a top producer, having 14 Champion and Interchampion children. And this only with his 25 offspring in total! His progeny lives in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, France, Norway and Sweden. Onyx Boy z Altheyrosei also produced two very fabulous bitches, who are even more than an Interchampion title holder: Asarah De Nigromanta is FCI Vice World Winner Poznan 2006 and Tatiana Nero Sabadiana is FCI Junior European Winner Barcelona 2004.


Farday Nigromanta became Interchampion, Champion in three countries, #2 Poodle of the year all sizes and colours 2003 in our country, multi BIS Speciality winner and BIG winner. At European Dog Show in Paris 2002 she was placed as second in junior class and at European Dog Show in Bratislava 2003 she was placed as third in the competition for CACIB.


Farday Nigromanta made two litters for our kennel. Eight puppies in total and six of them Champion and Interchampion poodles! Also nice score for a top producer. Her progeny lives in the Czech Republic, France and Germany. And the most significant child? Our beloved Asarah De Nigromanta - FCI Vice World Winner Poznan 2006.




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