Farday Nigromanta


Farday Nigromanta


Farday Nigromanta


I started to be interested in poodle grooming when I was 14 years old. My homegrown dwarf black poodles Jimmy Boy z Koloru (baby clip) and Black El-Jingle Stromboli (modern clip) passed with patience my first grooming attempts. In my 17 years of age decided to go ahead and I started to groom my just at the time imported miniature black bitch Farday Nigromanta also for shows. Farday Nigromanta was shown in baby clip, later in continental clip and after finishing her show career she was groomed to modern clip.



Asarah De Nigromanta



Aladin De Nigromanta


In recent years, I want to learn more about the continental clip, because I found it extremely convenient for poodles, who have a major show career already behind them.


P6140272_baby strih 2.jpg

Bandolero De Nigromanta


Twice I had an opportunity to compete for the best grooming at Poodle Speciality. I am very pleased that  I won the category in both cases - Best miniature poodle grooming with my bitch Farday Nigromanta in 2004 and Best baby clip with my own bred dog Bandolero De Nigromanta in 2008.



Corrida De Nigromanta


Besides my own poodles, whose grooming is in my hands of course, I also like be involved in the kennel progeny show grooming. I like to invent and test various design and style.



Duende De Nigromanta



Embargo De Nigromanta


I like to groom not only fully developed adult poodles but also puppies who need more patience and who change in body and hair practically from day to day, just love it :-)



Flirteo De Nigromanta



Farsanta De Nigromanta


Since September 2014 I have pleasure to meet regularly for grooming occassion a new grandson to my first dog Onyx Boy z Altheyrosei. Welcome Fido to the Czech Republic!



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