Our priority is a healthy elegant poodle, full of vitality and with a great temperament. We look for poodles with full set of teeth, excellent movement, the best possible body including enough spacious chest, excellent front and correct rear angulation. Head has to be elegant with an outstanding chin and with total poodle expression. General appearance must be harmonic.




Our puppies have 24 hours a day „Babysitter“ – this is mainly our role . Pups grow up  in a harmonic home environment with us and they go to new owners full socialized. For all poodles who were born at our kennel we offer some services including grooming and show handling. Their new owners are welcome to ask us for every kind of advice about puppy care, upbringing or using in further breeding.



„De Nigromanta“ poodles are bred to have a show dog potencial and their successes are evidence that they are real show dogs. But in another way they can be fit for agility (beacuse of their great movement and temperament), grooming competitions (because of their quality coat and body) or to be a pet (because of their nice character). „Loving home and right care“ - the main requirement on a new owner!



Kennel „De Nigromanta“ is registered since 5.8.2003. Aproximately we have one litter every 2  years - this makes us sure that we can give enough attention for every puppy not only in it´s first weeks but also during an adolescence in a new home. Our puppies have 100% undocked - absolutely natural - tail. Parents to our puppies are with full dentition and health tested for patella luxation and prcd-PRA.